Hi everyone, I’m sure PEACH09 (and PEACH08!) had a really exciting time this month. By exciting, we mean:


…and not forgetting the workshop!

Loads of hugs and kisses to PETER, MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION’s CHOOI AND SHARON, MR ALMEO TAN (<3), TEMASEK HOLDINGS and PEACH08/09 for making this time simply unforgettable! 😀

Lots of love from XY (:

p.s. sorry the photos are a little too wide for this column. heh!

HEY YA’LL! I’m sure most of you have heard of this community service project-group-thing called INSPIRE, and if you didn’t know, a of couple of us in AEP are part of it. ^^

so one of the ongoing things inspire is organizing now is their inspire concert, and the website is out!! ^^

’tis not perfect, some errors will have to be fixed, but do take a look and support inspire concert!! (chairman miao says pls support the concert too!)

’tis dam NICE!



Hiiiiiii, people, I made some designs for the Breathe Tshirt Design::::please help vote for me and my tshirt designs (Xiao Xiao not joining, D). You have 10 votes each, I have 4 designs. Please please please help me as I really need votes to get throught the shortlist round. If i got $$$ from the comp I will treat you. ^^ Xia xia people:

Thanks a lot!! ^^ Have a rockin’ weekend okay!


An Unbroken Line
The Wu Guanzhong Donation Collection
9 April to 16 August 2009
Singapore Art Museum


Omg I want to see this exhibition anyone wants to go? It’s not just because of the promo image showing cute pandas btw contrary to popular belief (:

Forward Moves
Body Swap by Joavien Ng | Q&A by daniel k
Festival Commission

Two of the brightest young choreographers in Singapore take the dance spotlight this year: Joavien Ng and daniel k. Both are chosen from the alumni of Forward Moves, the Festival’s special platform dedicated to Singapore’s emerging choreographers over the last three years.

Sharing a double-bill, Joavien and daniel take on the challenge of ‘reversal’ and ‘negotiation’ in their respective projects.

In Body Swap, which is co-commissioned and co-produced by the Festival, Goethe-Institut Singapore and Kampnagel (Hamburg), Joavien encounters Hamburg-based choreographer, Dani Brown. As perfect strangers, they embark on a role-reversal travelling to live in each other’s home, making a movie diary, and finally switching a solo dance with each other.

In Q&A, daniel encounters the audience even before the dance piece is made. Through a consultative and feedback process – along with a sociologist and economist – he then creates the perfect dance, according to the audience’s desire.

Join the tongue-in-cheek duo, Joavien and daniel, in the performance of talking dance.

Body Swap is co-commissioned and co-produced by the Singapore Arts Festival, Goethe-Institut Singapore and Kampnagel (Hamburg)

* Date & Time: 6 June, 8pm &
7 June, 3pm
* Price: $36
* Venue: Esplanade Theatre Studio
* Duration: 110 mins
(with intermission)

Mr Dan’s performance, waiting to hear whether we can get subsidy. hurhurhur.

We should be setting up the timeline on our wall pretty soon. hurhur.



AEP President
AEP Vice-President
Samantha Chia
Su Huan
Studio Managers (x3)
– RC/Media Lab — Bryan
– Fine Art – Minh
– Photography/Sculpture — Xin Yan
Publicity/Welfare Reps (x3)
Kae Yuan
IT Reps (x2)
Hou Yin

Haha and to confirm the canvas sizes for everyone (: #1 is the smallest, #2 is the larger rectangle and #3 is the larger square!

Samantha #2
Kaeyuan #3
Jireh #2
Chengsiang #2
Yehan #2
Xinyan #2
Bryan #1
Zhangquan #1
Wei Rong #1
Houyin #3
Su Huan #1
Miao #2


Bald Ksenya by rust2d

1. Draw in pencil/colour pencil, can use eraser (:

2. Remember to do corrections for Dede Supria and the test (:

3. Thursday is AEP exco elections, please suck up and perform bribery before then, fill out ur forms also. (: